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Frequently Asked Questions 

About Just Budget

  • Q: How did just budget start ?

    I always wanted to keep track of my expenses, since I'm a little kid. I tried with spreadsheets, may times. but it always been too much work to maintain it. Too much manual work. and too many distraction in life to get to it and enter my expenses. Additionally, I could only do it at one location, at home, where I usually had tons things to do.... I needed an online tool so I can logon anytime, anywhere for just two minutes and enter expenses of the day. Time pass and I actually never took the time to do it. I could I've use a third party service, you're thinking ? Well, most comparable service are complicated, expensive and run by companies who use your data against you.

    One day, my girlfriend came to me telling me she lost her data as she was using microsoft money. I did not even know she was keeping a budget. I told her I'm sorry for your data, I'll made you a tool you'll be able to use.

    That's it, just like the best software in the world, just budget is made from love.

  • Q: When did just budget start ?

    I wrote the core of the application on the March 26th and 27th, 2005. Since then, I spend about 1 day or 2 per week to add new features, refine the core and fix bugs.

  • Q: Is Just budget really a free service ?

    Yes. You can use just budget for free as long as you want. I'll never charge for basic functionnality of just budget. I'll probably gonna start accepting donations, though.

  • Q: Why is just budget a free service

    Because the world need a free personal budget management tool. Just budget is not aiming at businesses, which has lot more complicated budget needs. Just budget is aiming to help people running their personal and households budget. Just budget try to stay simple and wants to help.

  • Q: How can just budget survive being a free service.

    Well, it does not. I personally pay for just budget cost and expenses.

  • Q: Does just budget has any plan to charge for his service in the future

    As I said, no. I may however put more unobtrusive ads in the future.

  • Q: Data Ownership

    Many people, including me, worries about data ownership with reasons. Maybe you are wondering what will I do with your data. Well, nothing. I am not gonna sell it or show it to anybody or anything. I'll just extract some personal stats from it for you and yourself. Additionaly, a export function will soon be available for you to download your data and dispose of it as you wish.

  • Q: Where are my beautiful icons from ?

    They are GPL'ed Crystal icon for KDE

Using Just Budget

  • Q: Why is my categories and locations list empty ?

    Simply because, you have not entered any yet. Most probably because you have a brand new account. That's right categories and locations are yours just like every piece of data here. Maybe I could have suggest standard stuff such as groceries, restaurant, rent and alcohol. (actually I used to...) but those are personal and also people may want to write them in their own language too... so...

  • Q: Will Just budget available in my own language ?

    Sure will, when? is a different question though. I'm planning to soon provide a way for people to submit me translation of just budget, so that many translations come quicker. French and Japanese are most probably be the first translations available.

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