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What is just budget ? 

Justbudget is a free online web application to manage your personal budget, easily and successfully. The idea behind it is to track your expenses. Trying to plan ahead is difficult for many people, most likely due to the fact that we don't really know how we spend our money. So tracking is the first step, then you can think about making changes to your daily habbits so you can reach your financial goals. Most methods to track your expenses are very painful. Think of just maintaining a spreadsheet. It's hard to read, search through. And if you really want to learn something from it, you gotta build tons of stats and graphs. justbudget just does that. it tries to make it easier and faster for you. So the task isn't too much time consuming. It gives you stats about your spending and graphs showing your habits.

Looking for saving and making money. A way to finally manage your personal budget successfully ? Tired of all those complicated method ? Just Budget is for you. in less than 5 minutes a day, you'll gain so much information about your own money and your dayly spending habits. You'll quickly get in control and start saving. Take the lead over your life and know more about which companies are taking all your money. Get to know types of expenses that add up and are recurring in your day to day life.

Justbudget try to stay simple, so anyone can achieve what is used to be reserved for accounting and experts. Enter your expenses on a day by day basis and you'll receive some stats and graph that are easy to read and to understand.

Justbudget is in evolution. As you are using it, you'll slowly discover new features coming in. As you or any user would feel them usefull. Tell me what is missing, the most popular requests will get their way to justbudget.com

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